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Gas molecules move and expand when heated, resulting in increased tire pressure as the gas  temperature rises.  Because of this, the "rule of thumb" has always been to never check, inflate, or bleed air from a hot tire.  Accuflate measures the differential between the ambient and gas temperatures and displays the tires actual pressure and relative "Cold pressure" for the user.  Accuflate automatically compares the compensated pressure to the tire's recommended cold pressure and displays a message summarizing the tire's condition to the operator.  Also during this time, based on the temperature differential, the Accuflate has automatically calculated the service pressure level required to achieve the proper cold inflation pressure when the tire returns to the ambient temperature.  At the push of a button, the Accuflate begins a hands-free process that safely and quickly adds pressure to any size tire of any pressure requirement (*This model up to 290psi, higher pressure available upon request). 

After development in 2001, Wilkerson intended to only supply Accuflates to its own regional airline tire customers.  However, word of the product quickly spread through the airline industry and now there are Accuflates all over North America, Central America, Europe, and Africa.  All Accuflate marketing was carried out through word of mouth and trade shows only, and no expansion into markets other than aircraft were considered....UNTIL NOW.

Because of considerable interest shown in the Accuflate product, by concerns in the mining and trucking industries, Wilkerson has decided to broaden its offering to include those industries as well.  In essence, any vehicle operator that invests a significant amount of money in tires, that can't afford costly down-time to properly service tires, WILL BENEFIT FROM USING ACCUFLATE.

There are a few wireless pressure systems on the market today that compensate for heat.  While these are great products that provides an early warning of low tire pressure and work very well in conjunction with Accuflate, there is no function that allows the operator to automatically inflate that tire back to the correct pressure while hot.  Accuflate is the ONLY product on the market that does this.  (U.S. Patent 6.711.955)

Wilkerson Has been providing aircraft tires to the general aviation market and regional airlines since 1966.  We have built a reputation for good customer service and value added products and solutions.

In about 2000, many regional airlines made a transition from turbo-prop aircraft to regional jets.  With the increased load and speed demands on these tires, it was quickly recognized that the former tire maintenance practices were not going to be adequate for achieving optimal levels of tire wear and dependability.  The biggest challenge to proper tire maintenance was the positioning of aircraft overnight, usually at out-stations with no tire maintenance capability.  This usually forced the airline to check the tires during the day, while the tires were hot.  Due to the average amount of operating heat in aircraft tires, many tires were serviced to levels as much as 20% below proper cold operating pressure.

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